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Self & Other (For the Albert Embankment) \ Random International

Self & Other (For the Albert Embankment) \ Random International

Self & Other (for the Albert Embankment) is Random International’s first public, outdoor commission in London, and is the result of a Cultural & Public Art Strategy that Futurecity developed for St James’ redevelopment of the Albert Embankment to fulfil Lambeth’s vision for Vauxhall as a newly emerging cultural quarter on the riverside.

This is the collective’s latest work in a series that explores identity, the representation and perception of the self-image, and the reflected human form. The responsive nature of the work invites unexpected physical interaction and explores traits of human cognition. As the onlooker moves, an illuminated reflection follows with a slight delay. The subtlety of this delay of the reflection occupies an ambiguous position, somewhere in between the live reflection of a mirror and the static image of a photograph.

The onlooker’s full-length reflection is translated into points of light, distributed three dimensionally and embedded within layers of glass. As it is built up through evenly-spaced glass sheets, the piece can present both literal and abstract images, depending on the vantage point of different viewers, rendering it a permanent and dynamic public artwork.

  • Client: St James
  • Location: Albert Embankment, London
  • Photographers / Image Credit: Ron Bambridge